Girls these days

I’m serious. Girls these days r sometimes plain stupid. If your “so- called” group of friends are picking on or avoiding someone, 90% of u follow them. Why can’t u stand up for yourself? Huh? Sure, u go on youtube and watch all dem bullying videos. Then, u have the nerveĀ  to comment ” People are so cold and heartless, I would never do that. ” Honey, you’ve done it to so many people, it’s ridiculous. Those people who u don’t pay attention to or tease could be going thru something serious and you’re such a little brat, u take everything for granted. Today, I stood up. I realized that I don’t have to obey someone to fit in. I may not be as popular or well - liked as you, but at least I’ll make it. 20 years from now, I will be your boss at work. And honey, I ain’t savin no donuts fo u in da conference room. And I feel sorry for u out there if u are a worshipper of a bully. Stand up! It may be hard, but you’ll feel so much better afterwards. ~justmee